you can never “just be friends” with someone you fell in love with.

rec me songs lil dudes

i dont got time to go through entire bands rn

give me ur fav songs of all time throw em at me

? ? ? ?



help me out too tumblr

Uh… Probrably not your type of music taste but Madeon- The City or Ken Ashcorp - Absolute Territory or uh… SkullGirls Under the Bridge theme???? I don’t know these are just the songs that I like eh

i saiD ILL LISTEN TO ANYTHING AND I MEAN IT. ironically ive got all those tunes„ keep throwin them @ me

help me out too tumblr


its like sexual frustration except it isnt sexual i jsut wanna like hold somebody and be lovey and kiss and shit im emotionally frustrated this is gay as hell


y a„,

Anonymous asked: Do you have a favorite haikyuu ship?


i also rly like kagehina but hinaken is my mastership„,

i lit ship everything tho save me


wh Y

Anonymous asked: What's it called?? I want to see that part so bad!!

literally the first post on my blog is an answer to this question and a link„,

ive gotten like 12 asks now that are all the same thing„

look at my blog u guys„,

its rly cool and has answers„,

cool form of uncool before uncool became a thing


✖I track the tag lucazzl

✖I sometimes do things but I don't do them often.

✖I'm basically just anime trash

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